Discounts have been rolled out. Sellers are prepared. Shoppers are waiting.

Discounts have been rolled out. Sellers are prepared. Shoppers are waiting. This is the expectation of the BLACK FRIDAY Sale 2022– the mega shopping carnival of the year.People wait in queues, eCommerce stores are attacked with traffic and small sellers see a surge in their sales. Some people are taking the week off for shopping but nowadays Black Friday Sale happens online in the world. eCommerce site owners doing promotions for the Black Friday sale all over the globe.  

“As online sellers see to maximize their sales and profits they look for a solution that aids them to diversify their selling channels, simply connects them with the major marketplace, and supplies solutions that enhance the functionalities of their eCommerce stores.

One of them is VDCSTORE. Built to facilitate selling highly effective eCommerce premium and free extensions Black Friday Upto 10% Discounts are available on our premium eCommerce Extensions till Cyber Monday. This discount can be availed on our Website:  eCommerce store owners are selling competitive products a cheaper rates with discounts.

VDCSTORE has over 50+ eCommerce Extensions among them some of are:

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar 

Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar helps store owners to stimulate customers to purchase more products to get free shipping. This will make your customers happy. It will upshoot your customer and will add more products to your cart and end up with more shopping from your eCommerce Store. We’re selling this extension for $149. On the Black Friday Sale 2022, you’ll purchase this extension with up to a 10% discount.

Magento 2 Product Order History

Magento 2 Product Order History offers an optimal solution for Magento store owners. It allows Magento store owners to easily access the current order details on the admin side. It offers the admin to keep a check on the track record of products by viewing their order history. It enhances the inventory management of the store by checking the sales of a particular product. Using this extension, You can also check the product performance. The main feature is to view the whole order history under one tab of the specific products. Additionally, Admin can view each order detail from the product order history grid. We’re selling this extension for $79 normally. But nowadays Black Friday Sale 2022  is running and if you want to purchase it you can purchase it from our website. You will get up to 10% discount on our price at the checkout page. Installing this extension on your eCommerce store your customer will be happier and get the best shopping experience. 

Magento 2 Tier Price

Magento 2 Tier Price extension enables store owners to establish tier pricing strategies and give bigger discounts with higher volume purchases, hence building customer loyalty. Magento 2 Tier Price extension is a method for increasing sales and encouraging clients to buy more.
Tier Price Extension by Vdcstore enables Magento Merchants in displaying of Tier Prices in either tabular or label format. It also dynamically modifies the product pricing based on the amount selected on the product view page. When you select a table, it will display a table with the available quantity to purchase, and the price will be instantlydisplayed on the Magento 2 product view page.

Magento 2 Hide Price

Magento2 Hide Price extension hides product prices and adds to cart button for those who have not logged in to the specific customer groups. We developed this extension to help eCommerce store owners to hide prices based on customer groups and categories. Using this extension, a guest user can not check out the product without logging in. The price and Add to cart button has not been displayed to the guest users. They need to log in to the particular eCommerce store with the right credentials to see the price and purchase the product. Additionally, This extension is fully managed by the admin side. The main feature is the competitors get restricted to see the prices directly of this extension. We’re selling this extension for $89 But already you know black Friday is coming and Black Friday Sell 2022 is started so you can purchase this extension with up to a 10% discount at the checkout page on our website

Magento 2 Limit Products Quantity Per Customer

Magento 2 Limit Products Quantity Per Customer extension is specially created for the Magento store owners to limit the number of products offered to each shopper by VDC STORE. It serves the best shopper shopping experience. You can also set a minimum and maximum quantity of a product that can be added to a cart by a customer in a buying session. This extension also allows the store owner to set minimum and maximum order quantity per product for each shopper group to control the inventory better. The main feature is the set the limit of order quantity per product. 

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Wrap up…

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