How to Manage Orders in Magento 2 Store 

According to VDC Store, over 60% of orders in Magento stores are not extended required or valuable in a period. This figure is rather matching with the balance of turn-back shoppers. Hence, controlling the orders, in online shops, is an essential task for every store's admin. In this post, we would like to get you a tighter look at these valuable extension-related orders. Have a look at the below extensions and read how it is helpful.

1.How to Delete Orders in Magento 2

Magento 2 Delete OrdersMagento 2 Delete Orders


Magento 2 is a platform that permits you to organize multiple products and function numerous orders. However, unlike with products, no option allows you to delete orders in Magento 2.

You can delete orders with two methods in Magento 2. One is Manually, and the second is using the extensions. Using our Magento 2 Delete Orders allows the admin to simply delete orders as well as related documents like invoices, credit memos, and shipments. This is the ideal solution for deleting orders and many more. It also helps the Magento Merchants in maintaining admin backends well-organized.

Manual Method:

You can also delete orders or multiple data from the admin panel manually. Just select the orders and click on delete order. Using this you can delete orders or other data from the admin panel.

2. How to Manage Order History in Magento 2

Magento 2 Order HistoryMagento 2 Order History


Magento 2 Order History permits to access order details via Shopper and Product Edit Pages at the backend simply. Online stores can view and organize any orders related to a shopper or a product much more conveniently.

Manual Method:

 Magento 2 Order History extension proposes an optimal solution for Magento Owners. It allows the Magento store owners to simply evaluate the Current order details in the backend.

To open the Related Orders History tab, You can follow the below path.

Go to Catalog > Products > Product Edit > Related Orders History tab. The grid on this tab preserves all the orders by-products, including the most crucial information of orders like ID, Status, Customer Email, Original Price, Order Price, Grand Total, etc.


Related Orders History tabRelated Orders History tab

3.How to set Custom Order Number in Magneto 2  

Custom Order Number for Magento 2Custom Order Number for Magento 2


Custom Order Number for Magento 2 permits customizing orders, invoices, shipments, and credit memo digits with any letters, prefixes, suffixes, date/time variables, random digits, or counters according to the company's demands.

Our Magento 2 custom order extension permits businesses or online eCommerce stores to set up their custom format for order numbers, invoice numbers, shipment numbers, and credit memos. Admin can customize the starting numbers and padding options. Our module enables allows you to add prefixes for all invoices, shipments, and credit memos. Furthermore, it looks like a professional to the consumers and it generates trust.

Manual Method: 

Go to Store > Configuration > Order Number and open the Order tab. Configure Number Format, Counter Increment Step, Counter Padding, and Reset Counter on Date Change. If required, set the exact Magento 2 order number or make a custom one in the Start Counter From field and Reset Order Counter.


Order Number Order Number

4.How to Set Auto Invoice in Magneto 2


Magento 2 Auto Invoice Extension is a suitable Magento payment processing module that was created to generate an invoice automatically. After a consumer proves his order the system will dispatch the invoice automatically thus allowing the store admin to bypass the manual processing of charge transactions.

Our extension allows Magento store merchants to automate the invoicing and shipment procedure after shoppers place the order.

Manual Method:  

Admins no longer have to make the invoice or shipment manually because the extension will generate it automatically.

5.How to Set Minimum Order Amount For Customer Group in Magneto 2 

Minimum order quantity based on consumer groupMinimum order quantity based on consumer group


Our extension allows the store owner to set a minimum entry amount to be qualified to checkout the order. This increases your income by improving moderate sales. A minimum order quantity based on consumer group can be set by the admin. The shoppers can't checkout their products unless they shop for the primary set amount. It's the finest tool to handle shoppers' order charges and improve sales execution.

Manual Method:  

You can not set the minimum order amount for the customer group in Magento 2 manually.

6.How to set Restrict shipping in Magneto 2  

Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2


Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 boosts to determine excessive shipping methods rather than blocking all of the functional shipping methods.

Shipping Restrictions for Magento 2 authorize you to restrict excessive shipping methods rather than restricting all general shipping methods. This extension authorizes you to limit shipping methods based on country, product attributes, order information, cart, country, state, coupon codes, and customer groups.

Manual Method:  

You can also set restrictions manually. You have to create code manually in a CSV file. Upload it in your store and see the results on the front end.

7.How to set Limit Product Quantity Per Customer in Magneto 2  

Magento2 Limit Product Quantity Per CustomerMagento2 Limit Product Quantity Per Customer


Magento2 Limit Product Quantity Per Customer by VDC Store boosts Magento Owners to limit the number of products delivered to the individual shopper. It supports delivering a better shopper experience. You just require to install this extension to your Magento Store for setting the product quantity limit per consumer.

Manual Method:  

You can set the limited product quantity per customer manually by using the below steps.

go to the stores -> Configuration -> Catelogue -> Inventory -> Product Stock Option.

Set the maximum quantity allowed in the shopping cart and click on Save Config.

You can see see the results on the Front end side.


8.How to set Better Order Grid

Magento 2 Better Order GridMagento 2 Better Order Grid


Magento 2 Better Order Grid is the Magento 2 extension that permits you to enhance order management in your store. It allows you to develop a custom Magento admin order grid, hide some orders from the grid, designate a shade to individually order status, delete orders, display product information, and handle orders faster and simpler. Magento 2 Custom Order Grid Extension delivers an progressive order grid to count, follow and manipulate order information in one place for faster order processing and factual order management.

Manual Method:  

You can not set a better order grid in Magento 2 manually.

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